SW20 MR2

sw20 mr2 with wiregap wiring harness and gen 5 3sgte engine swap

MR2 Wiring Harness Conversions for the SW20 (Gen 2 MR2):

  • Gen4 3sgte $450
  • Beams $450
  • 3vzfe $600
  • 1mzfe $600
  • 2grfe $600
  • Gen3 3sgte $300 (requires core Gen3 MR2 harness)
  • Gen2 3sgte $300 (requires Gen2 MR2 harness)
  • Gen5 3sgte (Call for quote.)
  • K20 (Call for quote.)

All Wiregap mr2 wiring harness swap wiring prices reflect the customer providing a core harness.  If your core harness is damaged or missing plugs, please let me know before shipping.  Please see the pricing page for more information about shipping costs, which are not included in the above prices.

Wiring harnesses are plug and play, and have an OEM appearance (taped and sealed with silicone split loom tubing).

Engine Swap Options for the SW20/Gen 2 MR2

Of all of the SW20 swaps, the swap that offers the most performance for the money is the gen4/gen 5 3sgte.  All of the original motor mounts from the original motor work.  The exhaust, fuel, and intercooler parts for the SW20 MR2 are widely available as well.

The beams 3sge is a similar proposition, but it’s typically a bit cheaper to pull all the necessary swap items together.  If you want to stay normally aspirated, the beams 3sge swap gives you that option.  The 3sge will make less power, and of course does not have the option of simply turning up the boost.  Upgrades are more difficult.

The various v6’s are also good options.  The 2grfe is overall the strongest swap for the SW20 at 3.5L, 268hp+ stock. Cost and difficulty goes up over the various 3sgte’s, though there are suppliers of the parts needed to make this swap go together more easily.