AW11 MR2 Swaps

AW11 MR2 Wiring Harness Services


20v wiring harness, swapped for aw11.

Gen4 3s-GTE $450

Beams 3S-GE $450

3VZ-FE $600

1MZ-FE $600

Gen2 and Gen 3 3SG-TE$450

5S-FE $400

4A-GE 20V Blacktop/Silvertop $450

MR2 Engine Harness

Photo Credit: Kevin Zhou of Soul of Car

All AW11 Wiregap harness wiring service prices reflect the customer providing a core harness.  All harnesses are checked for continuity prior to shipping.  Harnesses have an OEM appearance, and are plug and play.

The 20v Swap

Aside from significant performance advantages, with a 20V swap you will most often be getting a newer, lower mileage engine. Parts availability for the 20v has drastically improved over the years as well. There are a number of U.S. Toyota dealerships that specialize in JDM parts, at prices similar to normal USDM dealership replacement parts.
The 20v conversion is a fairly easy bolt-in swap, and it’s perfect for those looking for a high revving engine with a wonderfully broad powerband who also want stock reliability.