3sgte performance

Photo Courtesy of Prime Performance

I want to swap my engine, but I don’t know where to start.

Check out the forums at MR2OC.com and MR2.com.  There is a ton of information there  including completed swaps with steps and pictures.  My handle is “mr220v”.  I also posted a thread on MR2.com which explains all that you need to know about the 20V MK1 engine swap, which is broken down by system.  It can be found here.   I’ll be making and posting some how to and FAQ videos soon.

I’m ready to buy an engine, but I’m not sure what to look for in an imported/used engine.

With any used engine, there is a risk that the engine will fail to run.  However, checking the coloration of an engine’s internal surfaces will provide an indication as to its mileage and maintenance history.  Ideally the engine will have a silver aluminum coloration or a very light yellow coloration.  A dark golden color or dark reddish color indicate a higher mileage engine, but these engines can still be used for conversions.  Avoid engines with black coloration or actual black sludge in them.  These indicate a very high mileage engine or an engine that was very poorly maintained.  These engines usually require a rebuild.  If you are still unsure about how to gauge the quality of a used engine, check the above forums or speak with a local independent mechanic that you trust, prior to your purchase.

I’m ready to send you my harness.

Great!  Please contact us at mr220v@gmail.com or by phone at 404-276-5555 so that we can discuss specifics.  Then go to our Ordering page, and print the order form.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For domestic customers, we accept cash, check, money order, and process credit cards through Intuit.  You will receive an emailed invoice.  Payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice.

When will I get my harness back?

When we talk about your project, I will let you know what my current workload is, how long I expect it to take me to wire your harness, and when I expect to get it back in the mail to you.  It will be mailed back to you when your payment has been received, and it has cleared (check, e-check, and money order).

 Do you have an expedited service?

Yes!   Expedited service moves your harness to the front of the line for a $150 fee.  Work on your harness will start once it is received and all charges are paid in full.