About Wiregap

The Toyota Wiring Harness Specialist

Doug shipping wiring harness for MR2

Eleven years ago, I decided that I was going to build my own 20V silvertop wiring harness for a Haltech E6K. From those beginnings, Wiregap has grown to an international harness wiring service.  I focus on providing the best customer service in the business.  Some customers need help deciding on which swap to do, even after researching in the forums, and I pride myself on taking into account their end goals, as well as possible budget friendly solutions. I also make sure that all of my customers get their car running; trouble shooting as necessary, so that no swap is left half dead in a garage.

Ever since I bought my first MR2 in high school, I’ve owned a string of them, and I’m always happiest driving them. My current personal car is a 5th gen 3sgte in a 91 MR2.  I want all of my customers to enjoy their MR2’s as much as I do mine, and to be able to complete their swap without having to worry about their wiring harness.  I’m proud to be able to provide a valuable service in the MR2 community, and, even though I’m busy, I still chime in on forum questions, and on Facebook groups as often I can.  I don’t keep up a personal page on Facebook, and prefer emails and phone calls to Facebook messages.


I have successfully wired over a thousand engine wiring harnesses.  Wiregap’s feedback on the MR2 forums shows the quality and reliability of my wiring harnesses.  My unique approach to wiring is both cost effective and reliable. My approach is also flexible, so I am able to accommodate a wide variety of swaps.  In addition, my experience in troubleshooting people’s swaps is invaluable.  I’m listed both as MR220v and Wiregap on the forums.

Family Owned and Operated

We are a family owned and operated business, but wiring harnesses is all we do.  My wife mainly handles the website,  administrative tasks, and follows MR2 Facebook groups.